Electric Vehicle Charging Points

There are increasing numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads. As they grow in popularity, so demand also increases for charging points, to create the kind of reliable infrastructure EV drivers will come to rely on.

We are an approved installer of electric vehicle charging points.

What are the benefits of Having an EV Charging Point?

As with other energy saving initiatives, EV charging points help in reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

They can help attract new customers through building your business’s green reputation, and assist you in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Are You Eligible for a Grant?

The government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) makes grants available to businesses under its Workplace Charging Scheme to support them in installing EV charging points.

Check if you meet OLEV’s terms and conditions. As an approved installer, TriGen Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you meet these requirements.

Position Yourself for the Future

Act now and establish your green credential ahead of your competition. Make sure your business, and your employees are ready for a future where electric vehicles are the standard.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.